Decoding SRA Accessions: A Primer on Navigating NCBI's Sequence Read Archive

SRA is the largest public reporsitory of high throughput data. It provides accesss to variety of data organized under different accessions such as Experiment, Sample, Study, BioSample, etc. Navigating and understanding the data organization could be confusing. In this article, we will explore the organization and provide guide to users seeking specific information.

Are you sure you're sure?

Sometimes people place excessive confidence in their beliefs. These are not just fringe groups who believe in absurd theories, but smart people make this mistake too. How can we spot it and be better?

The Fault in Our Democracy - 1

Many of us take democracies for granted and enjoy the benefits they provide. But democracies aren't flawless, in fact, far from it. We need to make them better. What's one of the biggest faults in our democracy?