Getting ready to introduce ourselves

Some people use third person when writing about themselves on their websites. I won’t. I want to talk to you directly, as if I’m looking straight into your eyes. Let’s get rid of the formality first. If you care about my academic or profession credentials, you can check my linkedin (not up-to-date) but this website is not about me.

Yup, that’s right. A website by my name is not about me.

“Then what’s it about, idiot?”

Huh, calling me an idiot already! Well, suit yourself.

Coming back, gauravsh.com is about ideas, views, perspectives that I feel should reach more people. You can expect topics ranging from science to politics to fiction to relationships. Everything under the sun, I want to write about, I will write about. Even inside, on or above the sun is fair game (yes, bad jokes are my specialty). In an everchanging world an everchanging me can change the way this website works.

That’s all!

Love, lots of it